We regulary exhibit at comic book conventions and art shows. We posess a versatile skill set and work in many mediums.

From children's books to commissioned artwork. We love to draw. Whether it's cartoons, tattoo designs, T-shirt graphics or portaits, we can handle all your illustration needs.



As a kung fu master and part time vigilante, it was hard to maintain a normal lifestyle alongside his secret identity, so he decided to start Exclamation Innovations in 2001. Often overwhelmed with constant artistic requests, ultimately leading him to find a way to make professional work easily accessible to everyone and easier to balance.


Versatility is his trademark, and he likes to try his hand at multiple mediums and outlets. in addition to drawing & digital painting, he also does a variety of other things; graphic publications, book formatting, marketing displays, advertisements, portraits, murals, airbrushing, and is a full time tattoo artist.


Mike, who usually just goes by "Dio", is also a drummer and an avid gamer. Occasionally he teaches the fundamentals of drawing to anyone who wants to learn, as well as basic photoshop classes & seminars to art & design students.

Digital Paintings by Dio
Traditional Mediums by Dio
Tattoos by Dio


Childhood friends with Mike, Dan has always been a talented artist since they both were young. Dan has a degree in animation & videography from UMBC and is an accomplished illustrator as well. Possessing more than just mere photoshop skills, he contributes in more unique ways than just various forms of drawing & sketchwork.


Typically more of the structured type, Dan has a head for outlining and attacking projects with a productive drive. He's skilled in sequential art, video editing & 3d modeling. With an unhealthy obsession for orange soda, he workes like a well-oiled machine, dependable, and delievering steadily in a timely manner. Regularly working on sketch cards and commissions for happy customers at local comic book conventions.


Dan heads up Action Dan Productions for your basic video editing needs. 

Digital Paintings & Sketches by Dan